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Travel and p-card

Traveling for state business

We’ll guide you through the process of booking travel. Whether you’ve traveled a lot for the state or this is your first time, we’ll help you find what you need to have a successful, easy trip!

Learn travel policy

Anyone who travels for state business is responsible to understand our travel policy. Be sure you’re familiar with travel policy before you start the booking process.

Learn travel policy
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Get your trip approved

Before booking travel, you need to get your trip approved by submitting a travel request. In Concur, you’ll add expected expenses to a request. If you don’t use Concur, you’ll use form FI 5.

Read travel request policy
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Traveling in state

We don’t require travelers to submit a formal travel request for travel inside Utah, unless you need a cash advance. You just need permission from your supervisor before booking any travel arrangements. If your reimbursement request gets approved, we’ll know you got permission to travel.

Traveling out of state

For any travel outside of Utah, you need to submit a formal travel request. If your agency uses our travel system Concur, submit a travel request at We have how-to guides with step-by-step instructions and training videos if you need help. If your agency doesn’t use Concur, fill out form FI 5: Request for Out-of-State Travel Authorization and send it to your supervisor.

Get travel request help
Form FI 5

Book your trip

There are 2 ways to book travel through the state contracted travel agency: through the booking tool in Concur or through the State Travel Office.

Booking through Concur

You can book airfare, hotels, and rental cars through the booking tool in Concur. The booking tool isn’t automatically available for everyone, but your agency can email to request you have access to it. 

Once you have access, you’ll see a section called Trip Search when you log into Concur. This is where you’ll book airfare, hotels, and rental cars. We have videos that teach you how if you need help.

Get help booking travel
Go to Concur
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Booking through the State Travel Office

If your agency doesn’t use Concur or if you’d like a person to help you book travel, contact our State Travel Office.
(800) 367-3230 

If you’ve worked with a specific travel agent before, you can contact them directly.

Lanea Blosser (801) 327-7653

Amy Feliciano (801) 327-7667

Darryl Truelove (720) 200-4118

Kelly Blair (801) 754-6379

Donnie Pyle (801) 436-3070

Mary Money (801) 797-1022

If you have an emergency or need help after hours, call (888) 739-7018.

Send travel request to my agent

Rental Cars

All out of state rental cars need to be book through Concur or the State Travel Office. 

Reserve an in state rental car
Compare the costs of driving vs flying
Compare the cost of personal and rental vehicles 
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Assign someone to request and book travel for you

Your agency may have a travel coordinator or administrative assistant who manages travel for employees. You can assign this person as a delegate in Concur, which lets them create travel requests and book travel for you.

When you add someone as a delegate, they'll have permission to create travel requests, reimbursement requests, and p-card reconciliations—they get permissions for all 3 functions.

Delegates can't submit anything for you, so you'll still need to submit the travel request yourself.

Learn more about delegates
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Request a cash advance

Cash advances are funds given to state employees before a trip to cover expected expenses. Cash advances are given to employees through an electronic funds transfer. Travelers are given 90% of the expected cost of lodging, meals and incidental expenses, parking, taxis, and rideshares. If you end up using the full cash advance and need to use personal funds for approved travel expenses, you’ll be reimbursed for your personal costs. If you have extra money left over from the cash advance, you’ll return it to the state. Follow the steps below to request a cash advance.

Request access to the cash advance option in Concur

The cash advance option isn’t automatically available in Concur. If you need a cash advance, talk to your supervisor. Your agency will decide if you should have access to the cash advance option. They’ll email to request access for you. 

Once the cash advance option is added to your profile, you’ll be able to request a cash advance for any trip. But if you travel often, we prefer you have a p-card instead of using the cash advance option. Ask your agency about getting a p-card if you travel a lot. Check out our p-card help page for more information.

Fill out a travel request

Once you have access to the cash advance option in Concur, create a travel request for your trip. Once you’ve added all your expected expenses, you’ll need to do a little calculation. Add up the costs for lodging, meals and incidental expenses, parking, taxis, and rideshares. Multiply that total by .9 to calculate 90%. This number will be the total amount of your cash advance. But remember, you can’t request a cash advance for expenses that will be paid for with a p-card or by a third party. So exclude any of those expenses from your calculation. 

In your travel request, from the Expected Expenses screen, click the blue text Request Details and select Add Cash Advance from the drop-down menu.

Add the number you calculated, add any comments you need to, and click Save

Now your cash advance is added and you can submit the travel request like normal! If you need help, check out our how-to guide with step-by-step instructions.

Cash advance how-to guide
Cash advance policy