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Purchasing cards, or p-cards, are issued to employees who need to make authorized business purchases. Learn how to apply for a p-card, how to reconcile your p-card, and get answers to common questions.

Agencies should consider issuing p-cards to employees who travel frequently to reduce the need for cash advances, to simplify accounting for travel reimbursements, and for the traveler’s convenience.

Learn p-card policy

Anyone who has a state issued p-card is responsible to understand all policies related to p-cards and making purchases. Read through our p-card policy page if you’re an agency site coordinator, if you supervise someone with a p-card, or if you’re a p-card holder yourself.

Learn p-card policy
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Apply for a p-card

If your agency has decided you need a p-card, follow the steps below to apply.

Complete small purchase training

To get a p-card, you’ll first need to complete the Small Purchase Training. Remember to request a certificate of completion because you need to give it to your agency site coordinator (the person assigned to oversee your agency’s p-card program) before you can fill out the application.

Small purchase training
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Fill out a p-card application

Every applicant needs to fill out the p-card application. The application includes a cardholder agreement, so be sure to read through the section of the application labeled Agreement to Accept the U.S. Bank Visa Purchasing Card. P-card applications need to be signed by you, your supervisor, and the agency site coordinator.

P-card application

Email the p-card program administrator

Give your certificate of completion and p-card application to your agency site coordinator. They’ll email both documents to the p-card program administrator at pcard@utah.gov. The p-card program administrator will review your application for completeness and submit it to US Bank. US Bank will then process the application and send the p-card to the address provided on your application.

P-card reconciliation

P-card reconciliation is the general term for making sure p-card transactions are accounted for correctly. P-card holders reconcile their p-cards in Concur each month by creating a report and adding their p-card expenses and receipts from the month to the report. Read our p-card reconciliation policy to learn the rules, and then visit our Concur help page to learn how to reconcile your p-card.

Read p-card reconciliation policy
Get p-card reconciliation help
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Frequently asked questions about p-cards

Learn more about p-cards by reading these frequently asked questions.

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