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NEW Assistant State Comptroller
Janica Gines

Janica began her career with the State in 2000 as a staff auditor with the Office of the State Auditor. She worked in the Office for thirteen years and worked as a staff auditor, an audit senior, and finally an audit supervisor. She performed both financial audits and federal compliance audits at many state agencies and institutions of higher education throughout the state.

In December 2013, she accepted a position as the Assistant Director - Bureau of Financial Services in the Division of Medicaid and Health Financing (DMHF) at the Department of Health. She worked in the DMHF for just over four and a half years as both an Assistant Director - Bureau of Financial Services and finally as an Assistant Division Director - DMHF. She worked on the Medicaid Management Information System replacement project, the team that performs the Medicaid and CHIP budgeting and forecasting, with the teams that enroll Medicaid providers and process Medicaid claims, and responding to audits and Legislative requests.

In July 2018, she accepted her current position as the Assistant Comptroller with the Division of Finance and successfully completed her first close-out and CAFR season. In this role, her primary responsibilities are to work with agencies to facilitate proper accounting and close out of line items and funds, to oversee the preparation of the State's Financial Statements and to ensure that they comply with GAAP requirements. She will oversee the preparation of the single audit report, develop and implement accounting policies for the state, provide information and training on new accounting policies, accounting standards, and laws that affect agencies.

New Finance Support Center

The help desk can still be reached by phone (801-538-9690), but now there are new options to get the help you need. Users can login at the new portal.

In the new portal, users can access the Knowledge Base that has a large collection of help searchable articles. Users can also access tickets they have previously submitted if a question or issue come up again.

Users can also email their questions or requests to financesupport@utah.gov

Additional information will be available in our November 2018 issue of FINELINE.

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