Cost comparison for a short-term vehicle

Travel and p-card

Personal vs rental vehicle cost comparison 

The information below is needed to compile the most accurate rent vs. drive your own car comparison when the state employee is planning to drive a vehicle a lengthy distance.  Once this information is filled out, please click ‘Submit’. The comparison will be processed immediately.

Please enter the following information for proposed drive dates:

Cost Comparison for a Short-Term Vehicle

1. Estimated Round-Trip Miles:

2. Estimated Days:

3. Vehicle class:

4. Enter the reimbursement rate based on the
following criteria. All state reimbursement is based on a .44 cents per
mile program, unless the following criteria is met:

a.) Agency vehicle (lease from Fleet Operations) is not reasonably available.
b.) Daily Pool Fleet vehicle is not reasonably available.

.44 cents per mile.
.62 cents per mile.

Travel Cost Alternatives:

*Be aware that the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the vehicle repair costs if the vehicle is damaged (or causes damage) in an accident.

Breakdown of Estimated Rental Cost

Daily Rate:
Extended Rental Cost:
Estimated Fuel Cost:

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