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Training overview

The Training team provides basic and advanced online courses to FINET and Data Warehouse users.

The Division of Finance provides training for all information systems.  It supports:

  • FINET, centralized accounting system
  • State Data Warehouse
  • State Payroll systems (e.g. SAP, ESS, etc.)

Training for fiscal year-end closing procedures are also available.

Learning formats include online courses, quick reference guides, recordings, scheduled one-on-ones, and PowerPoint presentations. 

Quick reference guides

To get help with FINET, data warehouse, and more, please utilize our training resources. These are brief, step by step instructions to help guide your FINET experience. 

We have also created release booklets that inform users of the latest enhancements to the production environment. Utilize them, as you familiar yourself with the most current features in the accounting application. 

Quick reference guides
FINET Feature set release booklets
quick reference guide

Utah Learning Portal

Looking to familiarize yourself with a specific-FINET training? Want to take a course again, for a refresh?  Search by topic or course number. 

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Request a specific training

If there is a specific training topic you're looking for more information, please reach out. Contact our finance support center: