How to Register via Utah Learning Portal

The Division of Finance has moved student tracking for FINET and State Data Warehouse classes to Utah Learning Portal. Consequently, while the classes remain the same the registration process is different.

On the portal, the instructor-led class and the associated prerequisite online course(s) are grouped together by topic. The registration process has three steps:

1. Select the topic.
2. Register for the prerequisite online course(s).
3. Register for the instructor-led class. Choose to attend either in person at the Division of Finance training room or remotely from your location.

You will receive a confirmation email after each step.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the detailed instructions. Download it free via this link.

What to Do

Step-by-step illustrations on how to register for classes using Utah Learning Portal

Detailed Instructions


This will take you to Utah Learning Portal where you can register for FINET and State Data Warehouse classes

Utah Learning Portal