10-3: Accommodating employees with disabilities

Effective: January 15, 2024
Approved by: Van Christensen
ReferencesUtah Code 63A-3-107Administrative Code R25-7


This policy outlines how employees with disabilities may request accommodations to travel policy.


Agency – Any agency, board, bureau, office, department, or other administrative subunit of state government. This definition includes the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Concur – Software used by the state to manage travel, reimbursements, and p-card transactions.

Travel policy – All policies labeled travel policy established by the GovOps Division of Finance.


A – Employees may request accommodations to travel policy

1 – Employees with a disability who wish to request an accommodation to travel policy should contact their employer’s human resource representative.

2 – If supervisors or agencies receive requests for accommodations to travel policy, they should refer employees to their assigned human resource representative.

3 – If someone such as an auditor needs access to information about an employee’s accommodation they must contact the employee’s human resource representative.

B – Accommodations must be documented in Concur

1 – Employees who have approved accommodations documented with their employer’s human resource office should document in Concur that an exception to policy has been obtained through human resources and indicate the specific policy being exempted.

2 – Documentation in Concur must not include any personal medical or health information.