10-14: Reimbursement for miscellaneous expenses

Effective: January 15, 2024
Approved by: Van Christensen
References:Utah Code 63A-3-107Administrative Code R25-7PURCH-03Administrative Code R33.


This policy outlines reimbursement rates for miscellaneous expenses such as parking, internet charges, or baggage fees.


Reimbursement – Money paid to compensate travelers for money spent while traveling on official business.

Traveler – Any person traveling on official state business for an agency or political subdivision. This definition includes employees, non-employees, board members, elected officials, vendors, volunteers, grant recipients, and award beneficiaries.


A – Reimbursement for parking

1 – Travelers are reimbursed the actual cost of parking if:

  • parking was necessary for official business, and
  • the use of a private or rental vehicle was approved.

2 For parking related to air travel, travelers are reimbursed the actual cost up to the airport’s lowest daily parking rate for each day of parking.

B – Reimbursement for internet charges

1 – Travelers are reimbursed the actual cost of hotel or airplane WiFi when it is used for state business.

C – Reimbursement for baggage fees

1 – Travelers are reimbursed the actual cost of baggage fees.