10-13: Conference and training registration fees

Effective: January 15, 2024
Approved by: Van Christensen
References:Utah Code 63A-3-107Administrative Code R25-7PURCH-03Administrative Code R33.


This policy outlines how travelers must be approved to register for conferences or training and how travelers may pay for conferences or training.


Designee – The person who has written permission from the executive director to act on their behalf. The executive director is responsible for selecting a designee who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to make decisions in the best interest of the agency.

Executive director – The executive leader of an agency.

P-card – State issued purchasing card used for approved business purchases.

P-card reconciliation – The general term for making sure p-card transactions are accounted for correctly. In Concur, the state’s travel and expense system, p-card holders add their expenses to a report. 

Traveler – Any person traveling on official state business for an agency or political subdivision. This definition includes employees, non-employees, board members, elected officials, vendors, volunteers, grant recipients, and award beneficiaries. 

Travel request – The general term for asking permission to travel for state business. In Concur, the state’s travel software, travelers add their expected expenses to a request. Travelers who cannot use Concur use form FI 5.


A – Registration fees must comply with policy

1 – Registration fees must comply with policies established by the GovOps Division of Purchasing.

B – Travelers must get permission to register for conferences or trainings

1 – In-state conference or training registration

1a – Travelers must receive written permission from their supervisor to register for in-state conferences or training.

2 – Out-of-state conference or training registration

2a – Travelers must receive permission from the executive director or designee to register for out-of-state conferences. Permission may be given through email or other written documentation or by approving the traveler’s travel request.

C – Paying for registration fees

1 – Travelers should pay for conference or training registrations in advance.

2 – Travelers may pay for conferences or training with a personal credit card or p-card.

2a – P-card holders may use their p-card to pay for another traveler’s registration. The p-card holder must attach documentation to their p-card reconciliation showing the traveler was approved to attend the conference or training.