10-12: Reimbursement for ground transportation

Effective: January 15, 2024
Approved by: Van Christensen
ReferencesUtah Code 63A-3-107Administrative Code R25-7.


This policy outlines the conditions for reimbursement for ground transportation expenses.  


Reimbursement – Money paid to compensate travelers for money spent while traveling on official business.

Traveler – Any person traveling on official state business for an agency or political subdivision. This definition includes employees, non-employees, board members, elected officials, vendors, volunteers, grant recipients, and award beneficiaries.


A – Reimbursement for ground transportation

1 – Travelers are reimbursed for ground transportation such as taxis, buses, and rideshares while traveling for state business. For example, travelers are reimbursed for rideshares taken to and from the airport.

1a – Travelers are not allowed to upgrade rideshares unless there is a reasonable business purpose.

2 – Travelers are not reimbursed for personal use of ground transportation while on state business; for example, transportation to a restaurant is not reimbursed.

3 – Travelers are not reimbursed for renting electric scooters.

B – Reimbursement for tips

1 – Tips for ground transportation are reimbursed if shown on an original, itemized receipt.

1a – Travelers are reimbursed the actual cost of tips up to 20% of the total fare, including taxes and fees.

1a.1 – If a 20% tip results in an amount less than $5, travelers may tip up to $5 and be reimbursed the full $5.

2 – Tips for ground transportation paid in cash are considered an incidental expense and are not reimbursed.