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Division of Finance

The Division of Finance is directed by the State's Chief Fiscal Officer and serves Utah citizens and state agencies with fiscal leadership and quality financial systems, processes, and information. This includes maintaining the State's central accounting and payroll systems; ensuring compliance with state financial laws; providing a statewide data warehouse of financial information; producing the State's official financial statements; processing the State's payments to vendors and employees; operating the Office of State Debt Collection; maintaining the State's financial transparency website; and operating the Department's consolidated budget and accounting group.

Our Mission

Providing fiscal leadership and quality financial systems, processes and information.

Payment Plus initiative

The State of Utah is now offering an additional (optional) Accounts Payable solution to pay our suppliers with automated Visa card payments; called Payment Plus. We have authorized U.S. Bank which works with Visa to contact our suppliers and inform them about this program. When contacted by Visa, some of our suppliers have questioned if this is a program authorized by the State of Utah. We understand them being cautious, and we assure you that this is a legitimate program of the State of Utah. To learn more about the Payment Plus program, click here

If you wish to speak directly with a State of Utah employee about this program, you may contact Ryan Huntsman at 801-538-1499 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..using-buttonb

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