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Learn rules and guidelines for state travel

Our mission for state travel is for travelers to be informed and accountable, travel and reimbursement to be efficient, and public funds to be used responsibly. Our policies provide valuable information that will help you understand the approval process, required documentation, reimbursement for transportation, lodging, and meals so that you can be an informed and responsible traveler.

Read travel policy

If you’re traveling for state business, you’re responsible to understand and follow travel policy. Since we’re in the process of moving to a new travel system, we currently have 2 sets of travel policy: one for agencies that use Concur and one for agencies not yet using Concur. Once all agencies use Concur, everyone will follow the same travel policy, but for now, read the policy applicable to your agency.

My agency doesn’t use Concur

If your agency doesn’t use Concur, the travel policy applicable to you is on Rocket NXT. Click the folders labeled 10 Travel > Pre-Concur Travel.

 Ready policy

My agency uses Concur

If your agency uses Concur, follow the policies listed below.

Person reading over a travel policy

Watch travel policy training

This training covers the travel policy for agencies who use Concur. It’s a helpful overview, but for a more comprehensive understanding, be sure to read the policies fully.

Watch training
Person watching a travel policy training video

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