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Here’s how to ensure CRs are entered correctly:
  • Make sure to fill in the entire RE number you are referencing. If the RE number is not recognized, check that you are using all 15 digits of the RE document. If there are only 14 digits, add a zero in among the other zeros.
  • Ask yourself the following questions:
    Is it a full payment that will completely pay off the receivable or a partial payment leaving a balance? If it is a partial payment, does the customer specify exact accounting lines to be paid, or does the customer only want the receivable to be paid down?
    I. If it is a FULL payment, OR there are NO specific lines that must be paid, FINET will do the work for you:
    1) In the Vendor Section, enter the total amount of money received from the customer in the Line Amount field.
    2) Check the Auto Apply box.
    3) In the Reference Section, enter the Doc Code: RE, the department number and the FULL document ID number (15 digits – include all the zeros).
    4) Go to the document header and click Auto Apply link in the lower right hand corner of the page.
    5) When clicked, FINET will find the receivable and bring over enough accounting lines to equal the amount entered in the Line Amount field. You do not have to figure out what accounting lines need to be referenced because FINET will start with accounting line 1 and then move to 2, 3, and 4 until the funds run out.
    II. If it is a PARTIAL payment AND the customer SPECIFIES what accounting line must be paid, do the following:
    1) Add the accounting line number in the Accounting Line field in the Reference Section.
    2) If you have multiple specified accounting lines, you can also enter the reference information found on the accounting line once the Vendor Section is created. Do not increase the accounting line numbers to match the number of documents you are referencing.
    3) If the RE only has one accounting line, use line 1 as the referencing line number.
    4) Click Auto Apply link on the header.
    5) Validate the document to see if there are any errors before creating another Vendor Section for the next receivable.
    III. If the customer does NOT specify a specific receivable to be paid but only wants to pay down the account, follow these steps:
    1) Reference the account information (Customer Number and Billing Profile) rather than a specific RE.
    2) Click on Auto Apply, and FINET will find the oldest receivable and pay it off.
    3) If there is money left over, FINET will move to the next oldest receivable and do the same. It will keep doing that until the amount of money has been expended.
    4) Do not increase the accounting line numbers to match the number of documents you are referencing. If the RE only has one line, use line 1 as the referencing line number.